Week 1 – Setting up my WordPress

For week 1 of the information studies module, IS30240, the class was instructed to each set up our own WordPress blog which we will maintain throughout the duration of the module. This module focuses entirely around the concept of creating and publishing digital media, so the creation of our own WordPress blogs is suited perfectly to the course. The blog will act as our own type of e-portfolio for the module. In this particular blog post task, each student had to set up their account, choosing a theme and updating our profiles with information.

We also had to demonstrate our ability to upload pictures and videos in our blog posts which are featured below. When uploading an image to a blog post, the user has the option to either set the image as a ‘Featured Image’ which will display as a type of banner at the header of the post and the option to add a specific image in the main body of the post. A simple way of adding a video to your blog post can be done by copying and pasting the video link information into the ‘HTML’ section of your blog post. The video will then appear and be ready for use in the text body of the blog post as shown below.  To build upon our communication skills via social media, the class was also instructed to set up a twitter account and tweet regularly about our thoughts and opinions towards the module using the hashtag #DigiMediaUCD


Logos of different social media applications.

Pictures used:

Top WordPress Plugins of 2016




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