Week 2 – Writing for the Web #1

This week, the class was centred around the theory of web design layout. The different components of a webpage were indicated as the header, the body, the sidebar and the footer. When designing different web pages, the designer must consider the ‘Laws of Gestalt’ which are used to group the web page’s layout elements in a meaningful way for users. For example, when dealing with navigation menus on web pages, individual items must be displayed close together in order to follow Gestalt’s Law of Proximity.

We also talked about the different calls to action that can be used when web designing. These are different types of webpage buttons whose purpose is to entice users to click to opt into an offer eg. joining a mailing list. The concept of responsive web design was also discussed in class. Responsive web design on a website means that the site has been crafted with fluid, proportion based grids and can be adapted to different viewing environments.


During the lab section of this weeks class, I successfully made my own Twitter account, pictured below, which I will be using to tweet about the module IS30240.



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