Week 3 – Writing for the Web #2

In this weeks class, the lecture continued on from last weeks discussion which was focused around the concept of website and webpage making. In this class, emphasis around a websites accessibility was highlighted as an important factor for website designers. This means that when a website is being created it must be of equal access to users of all levels of abilities and disabilties. For example, links included on a webpage must be underlined and coloured to ensure that colour blind users can see them. We also discussed the contrasting elements known as ‘legibility’ and ‘readability’. Legibility refers to the appearance of a body of text while readability refers to the ease in which a body of text can be read without fatigue.

The lecture also focused on the actual coding construction of websites i.e. HTML and CSS. We each set up our own account on Code Academy and completed a class entitled ‘Make a Website’. The online class focused on teaching the user some basic HTML codes in order to construct their own basic webpage as pictured below.

code academy


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