Week 5 – Social Media for Journalists

This weeks class was focused around the topic of social media and how much of a presence it has in the field of journalism. In today’s so called digital age, 99% of Irish journalists use social media in some way when publishing a piece. However, many journalists share the same prime concern: trust. Can journalists or even general members of the public for that matter trust the material that they are reading online?

A social media user can ensure that the information they are reading online is valid and accurate by applying two steps; verifying the content itself and verifying the source.

Content can be verified by asking a number of questions such as; does the video tally with actual events being reported? Do accents or dialects heard in the video indicate the location? Do the weather conditions tally with the reports made on that day?

The source of the content can be verified by asking questions such as; is the user a verified user? Does the user upload new content or do they re-post existing information? Are the posts of a consistent quality?

As part of our lab exercise for this weeks class, we each had to set up our own account on a website known as Storify, which is a website that allows for the digital sharing of worldwide media topics. We had to select a topic of our own interest, in this instance I chose the hashtags #RareDiseaseDay and #RareDiseaseIRE, and curate a story about them.


My story can be found here: https://storify.com/clodaghlouise/rarediseaseday


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