Week 6 – Social Data Analysis & Visualisation

This weeks class was focused around the topic of data. Today, mass amounts of data can be found and interpreted via different social media platforms. For example, the social networking site Twitter, allows the user to ‘hashtag’ certain words and phrases creating a trending topic on the site. Data interpreters then have the power to see who is tweeting about what and where.

The online tool ‘netlytic. org’ allows the user to collect data about social media postings they input into the site. In our lab time this week our task was to collect data about the storify tweets we used in the previous task i.e. #RareDiseaseDay. We had to conduct both a network and text analysis on the tweets as shown below:

netlytic log in page
Each student had to create a profile on Netlytic.org
Netlytic rarediseaseday
I chose to analyse the Twitter hashtag ‘#RareDiseaseDay
visualisation RDD
Network analysis of #RareDiseaseDay
word cloud netlytic
Text Analysis of #RareDiseaseDay

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