Week 7 – Digital Photgraphy

This weeks class was all about digital photography. The lecture was focused on different camera types as well as teaching the class certain  photography techniques such as depth of field, shutter speed and reciprocity. These techniques all work together which result in a higher quality photograph. The second half of the lecture focused on what happens after a picture is taken i.e. editing and retouching. This was an important element of the lecture because for our lab time, the class had to create a Pixlr account and retouch two pictures online which can be seen below:


Both of these images have been retouched using the adjustment tool on my Pixlr account. In each image, I changed the colour of the pictures by adjusting the saturation, contrast and hue. I made the images stand out more by using the sharpening tool and added light to each image by adjusting the brightness. These effects all combine to make a photograph of higher quality.


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