Week 8 – Video Editing

This weeks class was all about creating visual content online in the form of video software. As a class, we watched a video that demonstrated the different elements and factors involved when composing a video eg. the best kind of camera to use, the most suitable camera angles when filming another person and the best lighting when filming. Bahareh also provided an in class tutorial for the iMovie video editing software used on Mac computers. Our lab time this week presented us with the task of creating and editing our own video content using YouTube’s video editing tool.

I chose to use some video footage from the YouTube creative commons video selection of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The YouTube video editor allows the user to add a number of features to the footage. In my case, I decided to adjust the ‘brightness’ and ‘contrast’ features for the video as well as adding a ‘filter’ to the footage.

YouTube Editor also allows the user to add audio and image files; for my video I chose to add an upbeat music style as well as a still image of the Golden Gate Bridge.


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