Reflection of the module IS30240

Overall, I have found the past twelve weeks in the module ‘Creating and Publishing Digital Media’ very beneficial, I have discovered a range of new forms of digital creative content that I previously was not aware of.

The module combined a number of elements; creative writing (my blog), public speaking (presentation) and digital media creation (final project). These different elements allowed me as a student to improve on a number of areas as well as keeping the module interesting and not confined to traditional lecture slots.

My favourite part of this module was the creation of my digital media project because it allowed me to choose a topic of my own personal interest and product digital media forms I had not tried before eg. podcast. This project encouraged me to try new media and now I will be open to using these methods for projects in the future.

I also enjoyed the blog writing process as I think it helped to improve upon my reflective writing skills and reinforced the points made in the actual lectures/labs. The lab classes were an essential part of the module for me because they helped me to understand and apply the theory covered in the standard lectures.


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