Week 10 – Presentations

This weeks class was all about our end of semester presentations that will be based around our digital media projects. Our lecturer gave us an overview of what is involved in delivering an effective presentation to an audience and also explained what was to be included in terms of content in our own presentations.

In presentations it is important that the speaker sets the scene i.e. explains at the start of the presentation what the topic of the talk is and what they will be covering in this talk. The speaker must also ensure the audience realises what the key message/point of the presentation is about. The rest of the presentation must then provide answers to the questions the audience may have once they are aware of what the key message of the talk is.

Our lecturer emphasised the importance of preparing what you are going to say in a presentation prior to the actual event to avoid the occurence of waffle and to practice the talk as much as possible in a set up that is similar to the one you will be presenting in.

Proivded below is the presentation I prepared for my final digital media project:

Social Media Trends in Ireland Presentation


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