Week 9 – Copyright

This weeks class was focused around the relevant issue of copyright and its importance in today’s society. Copyright is defined as a legal concept which gives the creator of an original work exclusive rights to that work for a limited period of time. It is a form of intellectual property in that it gives the creative holder the right to be credited for their work as well as determining who may adapt the work to their own interests.

The term used to describe a work that has been re-adapted after an original is called a derivitive work and an example of such a work would be a form of translation, cinema adaption or musical arrangement. The difference and transformation in the re-modelled work must be substantial and bear its author’s personality to be original and thus protected by copyright.

In today’s society there is a debate between an individual’s right to privacy vs. a right to freedom of expression. Generally, photography and video recording are allowed on public grounds, however, one could argue that this is a breach in an individuals right to privacy.

In terms of digital copyright, a useful database that internet users should be aware of is the American non-profit organisation known as creative commons. This organisation is dedicated to the expansion of the range of creative works online that others can re-adapt and share online legally.

Creative digital media has certain online outlets that allow the media to be shared or downloaded on a legal basis. For example, the Free Music Archive is an interactive, high quality media library that allows for free legal audio downloads.

This weeks lab time session required each student in the class to analyse their blogs so far to ensure that all content used in our blogs cited the appropriate author and did not break any copyright regulations.



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